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Updated: Nov 17, 2019




1. 1.

a place of refuge or safety.

"his sons took sanctuary in the church"

2. 2.

a nature reserve.

"a bird sanctuary"

As years pass things can be lost. It could be a book or an item that was misplaced. It could be the memory of a place or the possession of a loved one, maybe even a person. Or, it could be an era. We teach history to our kids so they are told about things we decide as a society are important enough not to forget. Today HRS begins its contribution to documenting and preserving an era that we believe is important enough that it should live on… The golden age of Hot Rodding.

This website and its accompanying social media are dedicated to documenting and preserving pre-1973 automotive culture. We will record, feature and promote current events, cars and people that mirror the times we think are in danger of being forgotten. We appreciate and love all sorts of car styles but we will focus on pre-73 correct builds.

Thanks so much for the time you have invested already in just reading this. We appreciate it so much!

I'm stayin' right here. Havin' fun as usual”


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1 commentaire

20 nov. 2019

Great job on the feature congrats to tanner keep up the good work

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