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Tanner’s Treasures

The Cat- David Tanner

The Cars- 1928 model a Coupe “Skalawag”, 1932 Chevy coupe “Outhouse Mouse” , 1956 Ford Hardtop

The Cut- 

As time passes you will soon realize that HRS is about throwbacks. Throwback cars, throwback places, throwback culture and most importantly… throwback people. David and Teresa Tanner are exactly that, throwbacks. From David’s hand shake style to Teresa’s sweet demeanor and hobby banjo picking they would fit right in if taken back to a simpler time. 

Nowhere is the Tanner’s style more apparent than David’s body shop Coler Street Auto Body where he turns out incredible work on his own rides as well as customers’ creations. The building was built around 1936 as a Coca Cola bottling factory. Typical SW Missouri river rock face wall construction has stood the test of time and goes hand in hand with David’s style and personality. The building has served as a gas station garage in the past and has been in its current configuration as Coler Street Auto Body for 11 years. Although David does collision repair like most shops, that doesn’t light the smile on his face like the hot rod projects he turns out when he gets a chance. 

David says his dad “dinked” around with cars when he was a kid but they were just used cars at the time. He did however have a neighbor that was into drag cars and a Jr High shop teacher that built hot rods. David recalls walking down to the Fastrip and renting American Graffiti on laser disc along with the player to watch it on.  Another influence in David’s life was “Colorado Bill”. Bill is an incredible representation of what HRS is about as well and we hope to feature him in the future. 

Like a lot of guys that live this lifestyle David doesn’t have one car but a collection of sorts. Most of you have likely seen coverage of a drag racing event that includes pics of David’s blown small block powered “Outhouse Mouse” ’32 Chevy on the rear wheels. In fact, the pictures we took today are the only pictures I have seen of the car on 4 wheels.

The “Outhouse Mouse” sports a 406 SBC with a  6-71 blower, 350 Turbo and 9” Ford rear end. A true track warrior the coupe runs consistently in the 9’s but has made a reputation for itself as a crowd pleasing wheel stander. The wall flower in the bunch is David’s 56 Ford hard top. Although the Ford isn’t wild, it is perfectly understated as a super cool cream puff driver. 

If you have had any doubt so far of David’s commitment to the style of the Golden age of Hot Rodding that HRS is dedicated to, his latest creation should clear it up. The public unveiling this spring of “Skalawag” a 60’s show car or “show rod” style ’28 model a coupe was met by everyone in its presence with a “memory lane” admirable gaze. Recently at an estate sale I picked up a box of car mags dating ’59-’69. This thing could absolutely fit right in on the pages with some of the greats of that period.  Colorado Bill (mentioned above) helped Dave with the louvers and roof insert and David credits his good buddy Ricky Neil with assisting on the paint. The coupe was prepped and ready when Ricky came up from Mississippi and spent a day designing and laying out the panels then spraying the paint.

The results are unmistakably incredible and unique. The paint perfectly complements the style of the custom body treatments from the one piece hood/special cowl to the rear pan and bobbed fenders. 

Without folks like David and Teresa this throwback culture we champion would not exist. These cars don’t build themselves and these places don’t preserve themselves. It’s satisfying to know that they are out there. Stay tuned to HRS for more! 

“I’m staying right here having fun as usual”


Skalawag specs

’63 327

Muncie 4 speed

58 Ford 9” rear end

3” Chop

34 Ford rear glass

65 Mustang roof insert

303 louvers 

Drip rails and belt line moldings hand made out of brake line

Front wheels  14” vintage Astro

Rear wheels 15” vintage Astro

Hand built hood

Windowed front axle 

Bobbed rear fenders

Custom rear pan

50 Pontiac tail lights 

The “Skalawag” started life as a roached sport coupe. 

NT HRS ‘19

*Photo Credit Nate Luke-

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Great article and photos.


Mr. Sinister
Mr. Sinister
Nov 20, 2019

Bad. Ass.

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